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Frankly, I Don't Blame You... Since There's No Better Way To Put Your Head On The Chopping Block - Or Your Assets In A Financial Guillotine - Than To "Wing It" As A Sole Proprietor!

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About LLC Simplicity:

WARNING!Looking For A Pitch-Perfect, Powerfully-Polished Video Designed To Impress With Cinematography? Prepare To Be Disappointed:

  This Is Just A Real Guy Trying To Help You By Sharing Some Facts About A Personal Family Tragedy

But Who Really Needs Well-Manicured “Testimonials,”
When You’re Getting Genuine, Unsolicited Comments Like These?

If You So Much As Even ATTEMPT To Engage
In ANY Business Endeavor Whatsoever,
I Sure Hope You're Treating It Like A Real Business...

AND Have It Set Up The RIGHT WAY:

  • Protection

    Properly segregate your belongings from your business activities & simultaneously safeguard your personal finances while ensuring unimpeded business continuity.

  • Profesionalism

    When you conduct your affairs like a real business, you’re more likely to earn like a real business.
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  • Peace Of Mind

    Sleep well fearlessly knowing you & your loved ones aren’t at risk from attacks on your business… and your business will not be threatened by personal attacks on you.

Discover How I Leverage The Luxury Of Legitimate
Asset Protection Through The Ideal Business Structure
To Safeguard Everything I’ve Worked My Whole Life For
From Frivolous Attacks On My Business &
ALSO Ensure 
My Business Can Continue Even If My World Falls Apart…

29th of February 2020


Dear Brave Risk-Taker,

I don't care if you're an internet marketer building your first site or managing a boatload of web properties earning 8 ways to Sunday... or setting up a consultant business, buying a hotdog cart, or opening a neighborhood flower shop.

The reality is that you HAD BETTER run your business like a business - from inside a proper business structure.

In other words, if you "wing it" & fly by the seat of your pants as a sole proprietor and things go sideways, trust me when I tell you: you're in a world of hurt.

And if you find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit... then congratulations - you just put ALL your personal assets up for grabs over something "your business" may or may not have even done wrong!

After All,
Without An Entity To Distinguish
You FROM  Your Business,
You ARE  Your Business!

Here's the good news - if you're involved in a lawsuit (like I am RIGHT NOW), there IS a way you can sleep like a baby and never endure a rise in blood pressure or rapid heartbeat.

Here's the bad news - it's NOT by being a "good guy" and knowing that you didn't do anything wrong!

If you're expecting truth to prevail and justice to be done... we need to talk!

At the risk of repetition - it all comes down to having your business set up correctly - as distinct from you as an individual - BEFORE it hits the fan.

You need to protect yourself, and your business endeavors, or things can go sideways and wreak havoc on both your personal finances and your entrepreneurial undertakings.

That's why "segregating" your assets and isolating your activities is flat-out imperative!

Let Me Clear The Air For A Moment,
And Then Share A Recent Personal Story...
In The Off Chance You Don't Think
This Stuff Is Real & Can Happen To You!

We had some friends put a nice, top-of-the-line double-wide mobile home on the southern 30 acres of our property... only to end up leaving under dire circumstances (see video above).

My wife & I cared for the home for over a year now.  We cleaned it, kept critters out, paid the power bill, winterized it to keep pipes from busting, and so on.

When the lender took possession, I escorted the re-marketing agent to the property.

When the repo guy wanted to visit, I treated him with equal accommodation.

They indicated they'd sell the property, but never did.

After 3.5 months of this, I sent them a demand letter, via certified mail, instructing that they had failed to remove their home from my property, and thus were hijacking & holding hostage my land... since I could neither sell it nor lease the homesite with their home trespassing on it!  I also noted that they owed restitution for storage & maintenance.

All they had to do was remove the home and reimburse me within 30 days - but they did neither.

I then hired an attorney in town who's been practicing for 56 years (yes, he's getting up there in age!), and he sent them yet another certified mail letter noting that they now had 10 days under law to satisfy the possessory lien we now had on the property.

If they didn't, we'd hold a public auction and sell the property to a third party who would do the two things they had heretofore failed to do - REMOVE the home & REPAY us.

Once more, they failed to act, and so I sold the home to one of my LLCs at public auction.

NOTE: Did you catch that?  I do EVERYTHING with SPECIFIC INTENT!  

RE-read that last sentence & note that I sold the home to one of my LLCs (NOT ME IN MY INDIVIDUAL, PERSONAL CAPACITY)!

My attorney sent the papers to the Tax Commission to have title changed, so we were finally headed for closure... and then I got a phone call.

You Can Do The Right Things The Right Way,
Display Goodwill & Undeserved Patience...
And Then Wake Up One Day To The Cold, Hard
Reality That There's A Deputy Sheriff At Your Door!

I was being sued!

"For what?",  you might ask.

Well, I wondered too.  Come to find out, the mortgage company ran off to the judge and got a Temporary Restraining Order.

The injunction was issued because they complained that I was "wrongfully detaining the collateral."

You read that right - they alleged I was "detaining" the very mobile home that I had actually DEMANDED they remove (and had certified mail copies to prove such demand)!

Those are sins of both omission  AND commission,  friends!

First, they lied by stating that I was stopping them from getting the home - but the truth was diametrically opposed, since I had actually been quite gratuitous and helpful (a lie of commission, a false claim).

Second, note that the first lie was only possible, of course, because they left out about 90% of the story.  In their "sin of omission," they completely (and conveniently) failed to mention that:

  • I had contacted them more than they contacted me,
  • I patiently waited for nearly 4 months while they failed to act,
  • I then DEMANDED that they get the house off my property within 30 days of the certified letter,
  • they blew me off and I had to hire an attorney,
  • they ALSO ignored HIS demand that they get their act in gear within 10 days,
  • and the house was properly sold pursuant to state law!

Anybody Can Sue Anyone For
Anything At Anytime...
(Or Do You?)

See, the mortgage company (and their attorney!) lied through their teeth just as easily as if they had said "the sky is blue."

They weren't the slightest bit concerned with truth - they were concerned with an outcome.

They had badly dropped the ball; in fact, the re-marketing agent admitted they were used to bulldozing & having their way with people... and that they had never dealt with anyone like me who asserted his rights.

So, ending up behind the proverbial 8 ball, they were going to attempt to "un-do" the consequences of their dereliction AT ANY COST!

That's why I'm super stoked that it wasn't actually ME that was being sued... but rather an LLC.

See, I - J. Scott Talbert - was COMPLETELY left out of the deal... and all my other LLCs and business endeavors weren't the least bit involved!

That's why you won't even find my name on the court documents shown further down this page!

You can "wing it" if you want, and roll the dice on whether the courts can sort out any conflict (or ever even get to the truth) so as to preserve your family's financial condition... or you can splurge on you & your business and grab my LLC Simplicity System RIGHT NOW.

Why not begin to do things the right way so IT NO LONGER EVEN REALLY MATTERS if a crooked judge or jacked up jury wakes up on the wrong side of the bed?

If A Lawyer Can't Avoid Becoming A Defendant,
Can You Be Sure You'll Dodge The Bullet
With YOUR Name On It?

"Well, you're a lawyer... you can hold your own in court," you might say, "what are you so worried about?"

Sure, of course I can.  And I'm hardly phased in terms of feeling validly threatened.

Can I share a few things with you though?

  • We have a LEGAL system, not a JUSTICE system. Please don't kid yourself.
  • Don't think truth will prevail. People commit perjury as readily as they brush their teeth.
  • Amazingly, judges don't consider it perjury if a plaintiff lies through their teeth when asserting claims against you (even if the new claims COMPLETELY contradict their already-existing sworn witness testimony!).

Let me repeat myself - ANYbody can sue ANYone for ANYthing ANYtime.

The issue is not whether you're comfortable in court waiting for justice to be done because you haven't done anything wrong.

The object of the drill is to arrange your affairs so that, IF you end up in the crosshairs, IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER HOW THINGS TURN OUT.

THAT'S how you:

  • sleep like a baby,
  • chuckle at the absurdity of it all,
  • and never experience a visceral reaction that compromises your health and shortens your lifespan!

We Have A LEGAL System,
Not A JUSTICE System...
And You're Only Innocent
'Til Proven Insolvent!

I had a company make accusations against my LLC that COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE TRUE - the lies were diametrically opposed to already-existing sworn witness testimony from the Plaintiff... they were talking out of BOTH sides of their mouth!

But I still had to defend against the nonsense... and, unfortunately, I sat there watching the judge multi-task while my attorney was dismantling the opposition (this lady wasn't even listening!).

In other words, she wasn't even paying attention and, at one point, made a statement that made absolutely no sense based on what we'd already shared - but she never even heard it (she was completely asleep at the wheel).

And, just one bad court ruling (they happen all the time, you know) could have threatened my entire family's financial welfare if I hadn't confined my activities to the LLC.

If you want to roll up your sleeves and take it to the mat, trusting for justice to prevail, have at it.

Let me know how the court battle turns our for ya!

I Got Sued By Warren Buffet...
And Won!

Don't take the risk!

Just please take my word for it - you DO NOT want to be testing the truthfulness (and competence) of the judge hearing your case - and figuring out if everything you've worked your whole life for is at risk to pay a judgment - in a courtroom.

Plus, you never know who you're really up against.

See, in my case, it was 21st Mortgage, which is tied to Clayton Homes, which is tied to Berkshire Hathaway, which is tied to Warren Buffet.

How would you like to be sued by Warren Buffet, who has enough cash to perpetuate the biggest scorched-earth litigation racket in world history?!?!?!?

The only true way to mitigate the threat of crippling litigation and resource-depleting attacks against you and your business is to fortify your situation so it just doesn't matter how things turn out!

Buffet could get an unjust judgment against my LLC the size of the U.S. National Debt... and I'd just tube the LLC and ride off into the sunset.

Once you know how to set up LLCs quickly & easily the way I do, AT WILL, you can "flush" one if need be and just start from scratch.

All the while, you're not dealing with personal judgments, collection actions, wage garnishments, asset forfeiture & property seizure.

Make Just 1 Mistake Without An LLC,
And You're Just Asking For Trouble
(And Nobody Can Help You With Your $30,000 Problem, Either)

When Everything You Own Is Up For Grabs,
You Choose The Lesser Of Two Evils...
It's No Longer WHETHER You Pay,
But Rather HOW MUCH You Pay

My customers will tell you that I really go over & beyond to try to help them - even on matters that don't pertain to my products.

So, when Susan (a Website Legal Pages customer who had NOT purchased my LLC Simplicity System) asked me to weigh in on a situation where she was getting jacked around, I was more than willing to see what I could do.

But, as you can see from our brief dialogue, as soon as it was clear she had no LLC, the conversation was over before it began.

In plain language, she was screwed.

It was simply too late to help her - ALL of her family's belongings were ALREADY up for grabs because SHE is the one who got on somebody's bad side... rather than an LLC.

The only next step was to try to mitigate how deep she'd have to dig into her bank account based on whether or not defending a lawsuit would be cost-prohibitive (versus simply paying the demanded "damages").

And Please Don't Think Your "DBA"
Is ANY Better Than A Sole Proprietorship

As a lawyer, I've seen some crazy stuff... and I may thus be a bit jaded.

So, although I'm still astonished by what I see, I'm not really surprised.

Lots of people try to just "get by" with some contrived DBA or "fictitious name," not having a clue what's at stake.

And lots of people, like Susan, roll the dice and engage in business endeavors with no business structure at all.

Since LLCs are so inexpensive to set up and so effective at asset protection - when properly done - I can only imagine it's "simply not knowing" that keeps people from so easily eliminating such great risk from their lives.

Truth is, if Susan would have only had an LLC, I seriously doubt there would have even been an issue... as the complaining party would have known that only company assets - at best - would have been available to satisfy any judgment.

And, though I don't advocate using an LLC to "shield" you from the consequences of any flagrant, intentional wrongdoing on your part, Susan would have always have the option of flushing her company and reincarnating it as another LLC later on if needed to escape the unjust penalty of an undeserved judgment!

But, as it stands, the Plaintiff knew he could go after everything she owned - her home, her cars, and her savings.

It's Not Only About Protecting YOU From Your Business...
But Also About Protecting YOUR BUSINESS From You!

Once More, Let's Look At Another REAL-WORLD Example -
(This Is NOT Mere Theory!)

The magic of a properly-structured LLC is the ability to weather the storm... come rain or shine.

When it rains, one of two things will happen:

  • You either have an LLC to buffer you from the attack
  • Or you don't have an LLC (like Susan, above) and you (and your family) have to take the full impact of the financial blow

Discussing the drastic (& catastrophic) differences between having your "business" attacked as an LLC VERSUS as yourself is so vital, I nearly forgot to mention something else very important.

See, on the one hand, my companies have been trench-tested in the crucible of the courtroom and stood strong... impervious to even the greatest injustice!

So you can see how - aside from being annoyed at their stupidity & dismayed by their flagrant dishonesty - I really couldn't care less about having my LLC sued by 21st Mortgage when they tried to steamroll me & I stood firm.

Warren Buffet can pound sand.

But, on the other hand, you can see the far other end of the spectrum - where Susan was ravaged by the legal system in a situation where she had not taken her business seriously enough to establish a simple LLC... annd thereby put every single financial resource her family owns at risk.

So, when it "rains" on your business, an LLC makes all the difference in the world - a quick interview of Susan & myself would yield alarmingly different postures... since all was well with my other companies, my life, my wife, and my 5 boys.

But what about when it "shines," then what?

Look closely at the caption from this lawsuit that involves me (through an LLC) and my buddy, Corey, in his individual & personal capacity:

My Buddy's Business Is NOT
Embroiled In This Legal Battle!

What the above screenshot unequivocally illustrates is an example of BOTH me (personally) being protected from the legal entanglement of an LLC...  and my friend's LLC being protected from him.

Let me explain: Remember how I talked about protecting you from your business and your business from you?

Here, in this one lawsuit, you see BOTH taking place... so this is not some legal theory restricted to the law school text books and exams.

My LLC, Stewardship Enterprise, LLC, was sued... but that had absolutely NOTHING to do with me (and my OTHER LLCs!)... and you'll notice that my name NEVER even appears in the caption.

It was "business as usual" in ALL other aspect of my life & business, due to the segregated nature of this business activity.

So, I was protected from whatever might happen with my LLC (meaning - even a BAD decision from the judge could NOT hurt me - or my other income-generating enterprises!).

Next, note that my buddy Corey was PERSONALLY sued, as he had the home in his name.

BUT, what you DO NOT see is the name of the LLC I set up for him & his internet business!

So, what you might not otherwise realize is that his entire internet business and online publishing company is NOT listed anywhere on the lawsuit paperwork.

That's because his business is a completely distinct entity, which had NOTHING to do with the home in his own name.

Thus, you can see that his business is being shielded from attacks on him personally.

You See, The True Gravity - & What Gives Your Entity Real Teeth -
Is Knowing You've Isolated Your Liabilities If Things Go South!

Again, you must protect you from your business... and your business from you.

Rain OR shine - the sun was shining brightly on Corey's business... because it was COMPLETELY OFF THE RADAR of the brutal litigation attack on him personally!

And the take-home message is that it WAS STILL doing its job even though it was not entangled in the mess - because it properly served the purpose of SEGREGATING business activities & assets so it was - quite literally - "business as usual!"

Therefore, in actuality, your LLC is doing its job & protecting you (i.e. - the sun is "shining" on your business & all is well) ALL THE TIME - and yet the "back-up" plan is to have things structured in such a way that all is STILL well... even it thinks tank.

There it is folks: my company is shown, but not me; Corey is a named defendant, but not his LLC!

If the scan of that lawsuit above doesn't convince you of the need to segregate assets and activities, perhaps this heart-felt note from Corey will help it sink in:

The only question is will they be prepared when uncertainty strikes?

So, there you have it.

There's my buddy thanking me for how his internet business (inside an LLC, of course) was able to not only survive, but also THRIVE...

...the ENTIRE time he was being sued personally for having to abandon a recently-purchased property so he could relocate to care for a terminally ill family member!

Save Up To 91% With $10 Coupon At Checkout!

LLC Simplicity - Time To

You've Seen The Proof:
These LLCs Have Been Subjected To
Lawsuits, Mediation, And Even Bankruptcy...
Without So Much As A Hiccup!

With my background as an attorney, I'm sure you can appreciate the value of this offer.

After all, I routinely establish these LLCs in my own business, and have always helped my friends & family.

But you can take yet additional comfort in reading, first-hand, the kind words another attorney freely shared - without prompting - after I granted initial access to some of my basic LLC teachings.

(Note - he had requested a refund on my Website Legal Pages... simply because he had actually purchased TWICE by mistake):

Your products are great, and worth far more than the price.  With your education and experience, I certainly would not want to pay your hourly billing rate!
- James S., Attorney & Satisfied Customer of LLC materials


And check out this other UNSOLICITED comment from an extremely pleased customer... who's praising the VERY LLC book you'll receive today along with your additional Video Library (which he never even had access to at the time!):

I must admit that this is the best value for $37 I have ever received in my life so far... loved your analysis on LLC's asset protection aspects.
- Bill S., Satisfied Customer of LLC materials


As you can see, the LLC book focused on the "why," but this only naturally led to questions about the "how."

So, it's hardly surprising that Bill would write: "It begs the following questions:"

Indeed, demand for additional LLC guidance - on top of my eBook - was so strong that creating my LLC Simplicity System was inevitable:

great material... loved reading your ebook... and everything is incredible.  what would be the best way to set up an LLC for an online/offline marketer?
- Antonio C., Satisfied Customer of LLC materials

What WOULD  Be The Best Way To Set Up An LLC
For An Online/Offline Marketer?

Yikes!  What a question.

Of course I'm biased, but the best way to set up an LLC is... MY WAY!

It really doesn't matter if we're talking about internet marketing of virtual products via digital downloads... or a traditional brick & mortar business that just happens to have a website.

I use LLCs for my internet endeavors, investment accounts, and even to hold vehicles & real estate.

So, I cannot recommend them strongly enough, as I practice what I preach.

But, with my transactional law background focused on legal drafting for matters like estate & business planning, I've always just readily helped out friends & family because it's second nature.

But the fact that I can do it all in my sleep doesn't help the thousands of people I've now "met" in the course & conduct of my online businesses.

Yet, I'd unleashed a monster by writing such a compelling case for LLCs... incontrovertibly convincing them WHY they needed an LLC.

So, I should have anticipated that my readers were soon demanding to know HOW to protect themselves with their own LLC!

And they didn't want some off-the-shelf pre-packaged solution off a retail website.

KNOWING about my skills and background, coupled with all my real-world battlefield experience, they wanted the real deal... so they'd KNOW they'd have their ducks in a row if the sky fell on them!

So I Have A Shortcut That Can Save You Time & Money...

Leveraging The Quickest & Easiest
Way To Stack The Deck In Your Favor:

  • The Right Tools

    Discover the EXACT method I use to set up ALL of my own LLCs

  • The Robust Decisions

    Learn about single- v. multi-member LLCs & why you should care!

  • Save Time

    Stop worrying if a claim against your “business” might financially wipe you out personally – run a REAL business in 5 simple steps

  • Save Money

    Hear from a man who paid a lawyer $1,500 for legal docs to protect his website & his family (and why you don’t have to do that!)

  • Avoid The Landmines

    Realize how to leverage “Statutory Business Asset Protection” to your advantage (Warning: some states DO NOT have it – You MUST Choose Wisely!)

  • Do Sophisticated Planning

    Witness my avant garde teaching on how charging orders can keep personal creditors from raiding your business & pludering its assets

  • Video 1:

    Intro. To LLCs & Asset Protection

  • Video 2:

    A Closer Look At Asset Protection

  • Video 3:

    Asset Protection (Even If You Don’t Have “Assets”)

  • Video 4:

    More About Your “Non-Existent” Assets

  • Video 5:

    What In The World Are Charging Orders?

  • Resource Links

    Links to the exact same 5 resources I use when setting up my LLCs.

I'm Pleased As Pie To Share The Missing Link...
Providing You With Not Only The "Why?,"
But Also The "How?"

Hold On!  I Have Some Other Goodies To Share 1st:

BONUS #1: Limited Liability? (The Book That Started It All - The Very Impetus For LLC Simplicity!)

Limited Liability2

Recently, a State Supreme Court sided with the FTC and forced LLC members to surrender their interests in their LLC to satisfy a 10 MILLION DOLLAR judgment… so, understand, you have to do things the right way.

That very incident was 1 of 2 observations that prompted me to write my book, in which I stated:

“This highlights a disturbing trend that can prove lethal to the businesses of online marketers using an LLC with the false sense of security that they are safe from their business and the business is safe from them.”

Then the second triggering event occurred: on December 8, 2011, a U.S. District Court awarded $2,500,000 (MILLION) in damages when the judgment was entered against a blogger found guilty of defamation.

But, that wasn’t the worst part.

In researching public opinion on that multi-million Dollar verdict, I saw where a most uninformed individual offered the following rather bad advice (see http;//www.freerepublic.com/focus/fnews/2817528/posts):

LLC Bad Advice

BUT – This blog commenter is DEAD WRONG.

Find out why it IS a “BAD IDEA” in my well-received eBook of rave reviews - Limited Liability!


BONUS #2: LLC Simplicity Flight Check (Save Up To $100 On Your Next Flight... FREE, On Me!)


Through my business connections, I have access to the same travel discounts and rewards that are used by Fortune 500 companies to show appreciation to their customers.

With savings of up to $100 on your next airfare, your SAVINGS are literally greater than the COST of investing in my LLC Simplicity System.

In other words, with the money you can save, you’re actually ahead.

Stated the other way, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY by not taking advantage of this offer!

It’s just a special way I’m able to “trick” you into doing what you ALREADY know is in your best interest… so you’re armed to take the right steps and make the right decisions for your protection 😉


You're Probably Expecting This To Cost A Pretty Penny...

Knowing that I'm sharing insights on the trench-tested principles that protect my own friends & family, I'm sure you'd agree that this LLC Simplicity System would easily be worth the $1,500 one of my other customers spent on an attorney (especially since most lawyers NEVER even address the proper asset-protection aspects of LLC planning).

Actually, $1,500 is CHEAP for quality LLC work.

In fact, I was recently shopping for an estate & business planning attorney for my in-laws, so they could work with a third-party neutral rather than having me do their planning (it's only fair to everybody that way).

I could count on one hand the number of competent attorneys I would trust their important matters to... after all, there were only three.

Below is a screenshot of an email I received from one of them... plainly indicating that a high-end LLC done the right way by the right person could run $2,500 to $10,000!

But I'm Making This Brain-Dead Easy...

Grab It NOW As Low As:


Save Up To 91% With $10 Coupon At Checkout!

LLC Simplicity - Time To

And You're Really Not Even Making Up Your Mind TODAY Anyway!


Try Before You Decide!

I like to keep simple things simple.

I don’t need your money… and I don’t WANT your money if you feel I’m trying to get one over on you.

When all is said & done, I’d rather get screwed than screw over somebody… so I shoulder all the risk and expose myself to serial refunders in an effort give peace of mind to those who are battling the decision to make the investment.

If you seriously don’t feel this was worth every penny of your investment, please let me know & I’ll refund you.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering if I’m good for the money, consider this – even though you may not know me, take a look at this picture below with Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. This was taken when I studied in Europe at the European Centre for Law & Justice (the overseas counterpart to the ACLJ). I was also at the European Court for Human Rights and studying International Law with John Ashcroft.  Prior to that I lived in Sofia, Bulgaria for 6 weeks working on a case with the Rule of Law Institute involving the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.  We also spent time a in London and at conferences for Advocates Europe and the Christian Law Association.

This photo was taken right before Jay Sekulow invited me to join he & John Ashcroft for dinner… over which we had a lively debate! Anyway, most bozos aren’t capable of having dinner with top national political figures & foreign dignitaries… and getting their pictures taken accordingly… so maybe this will help you feel at ease as you invest a few bucks in resources that can change your life the way they have mine!

John Ashcroft In Europe


There's A Reason They Call It A  "Limited Liability" Company...

TODAY You Can Either Choose To Limit YOUR Liability,
Or Cross Your Fingers & Throw Caution To The Wind...

As For Me & My House, We No Longer Worry About These Things



YES, Scott!

If it’s good enough for you to use personally to protect your family, it sounds great to me.

I understand I’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to the following:

  • Video 1: Intro. To LLCs & Asset Protection
  • Video 2: A Closer Look At Asset Protection
  • Video 3: Asset Protection (Even If You Don’t Have “Assets”)
  • Video 4: More About Your “Non-Existent” Assets
  • Video 5: What In The World Are Charging Orders?
  • Resource Links: Links to the exact same 5 resources I use when setting up my LLCs.
  • BONUS: Limited Liability? (My eBook that birthed The LLC Simplicity System)
  • BONUS: LLC Simplicity Flight Check

Save Up To 91% With $10 Coupon At Checkout!

LLC Simplicity - Time To
  • Q.How can I get help ordering or accessing LLC Simplicity?

    A.Easy – visit http://lawyer2warrior.freshdesk.com/ OR email support@lawyer2warrior.freshdesk.com and I’ll be happy to help you.

  • Q.How can I learn a bit more about you?

    A.One of the best ways is simply to check out my rather thorough LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/lawyer2warrior/

  • Q.How can I know more about your background & qualifications to offer this information?

    A.Great question: I’ve actually chosen to put myself “under the microscope,” so you’re welcome to go read through even my law school transcript if you like: http://websitelegalpages.com/under-the-microscope/

  • Q.This looks good... can I get it later?

    A.Maybe.  I reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time, and it will never be less expensive than it is here now.  The last time one of my offers closed for a while, I was bombarded with folks trying to gain access.  Click Here (http://websitelegalpages.com/you-snooze-you-lose/) to see for yourself.

Oh, By The Way...
Best Of All - With My LLC Simplicity System
You Don’t Have To Settle For Second-Hand Access
To A Textbook-Taught Lawyer
(And Pay MORE For This "Indirect" Assistance!)


J. Scott Talbert, J.D., B.A (Psychology), Ph.D. (ABD), B.A. (Theology)


  • P.S.

    PROFESSIONALISM: Oh Yeah, We've Talked A LOT About "Protection"... But What About "Professionalism?"

Amazingly, we've thus far only talked about LLC PROTECTION.  Let's briefly discuss Professionalism...

For one of my companies, I was once negotiating with my client's lawyer.

We were putting together a huge deal and, when dealing with a huge company, I can tell you first-hand that's it's much nicer having a legit business entity than to have a company write a check out to you personally (that's not good)!

Contract Signed - Money Cometh!


The deal resulted in a very handsome, 5-figure sum... and it was nice to be able to have my banker assist them with the wire transfer into our LLC bank account.

$25k Bank Wire Transfer From Client
  • P.P.S.

    PEACE OF MIND: Protection, Professionalism... Now: Will YOU Attain Peace Of Mind?

I cannot help you with this one.  I've demonstrated the Protection & Professionalism benefits of having an LLC.

Those attributes alone confer unimaginable peace of mind in your business affairs and personal finances.

But that state of tranquility & assurance only transpires if you take just a bit of time and establish your business on the proper foundation.


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I am AN attorney, not YOUR attorney. If you think you need a lawyer to represent you in your personal, individual business matters, please feel free to hire one. You using the LLC Simplicity System that I use to establish LLCs for myself, my family & my friends does NOT create an attorney-client relationship.  Before I ever even went to law school, I personally sought out the top business & estate planning attorney I could find in the United States and ended up paying a lawyer on the American Bar Association's Asset Protection Planning Committee $15,000 to do my family's estate plan.  What you see here is the culmination of a decade's worth of additional study, having earned my own law degree while concentrating on estate planning & business associations.  For 10 years I've banked my family's financial future on the foundation of these exact LLCs.  So, you're simply doing what I do, and are welcome to follow after me if that suits you.